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Boots of Spanish Leather Lyrics

Lyric discussion by taki183 

I agree, bob dylans one of the greatest song-writers ever, but one thing that's funny (to him) also is how much his songs are over analyzed

This sond was writted about the 7-8 month period where his then girlfriend, suze rotolo (the girl on the cover of freewheelin' album) was in italy and bob was really feeling it. She was his girlfriend in the early sixties right before he was signed to columbia and they lived in an apartment together when she was 18 and he was 20. When he was signed, he started to get fame and she was feeling like people only knew her as "bob's girl" and she was offered the chance to study in italy, something she wanted to do right after high school but couldn't because of a car accident. Well when her mother, who wasn't too fond of bob, was pushing her to go and she feared if she didn't go she would regret it forever. She finally decided to go, despite the fact her and bob were now in a loving relationship. This was all described in her book that just came out, "a freewheelin' time"

Back to the song, it is about how any man would feel when his woman is far away (in this case overseas) and thw beginning is essentially a conversation between he and her, where she is asking if there is anything he wants her to buy him while she's on her trip, and he insists that all he wants is her back home "unspoiled" meaning he wants their relationship to be just like it was when they were together. Then she says she's not sure of when she's coming home, that it depends on how she's feeling (which is what happened in real life) and bob fears that this means she's not even thinking about him, that she's too busy having fun in europe to worry about how lovesick he is. That is the basic meaning of the song. The common long-distance relationship fear that your loved one isn't as sad or missing you as much as you miss them


Yeah, it is pretty clear that Dylan felt that his fans should not think about the lyrics, but simply attribute them to something in his life based on a book by an ex-girlfriend. That's it. Case closed.

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