Lyric discussion by Rhayader 

I really love this kind of music. The problem is that im only 15 so i could never see any of the concerts, ive seen a video of the concert in which they play Supper's Ready, it was awesome but no where near as cool as it would be to see them in real life. Im an outcast to my friends in the music world, they all listen to like metal and all that crap. It depresses me that no one my age can open their eyes to such a great genre.

There are a lot of great Genesis cover bands. Here is one I just saw on YouTube:

I'm 16! It's nice to meet another like-minded teen.

@Rhayader Who cares what your simple minded friends think? This is music you have to LISTEN to and soak in. I was 16 when I experienced my first Genesis concert. A very life changing experience. That was in 1977. Hang in there and keep enjoying the treasure of early Genesis. I have a 25 year old son that is a fan and he also likes Tool for some of the same reasons he likes Genesis.

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