Lyric discussion by nitai 

I picture this song as someone on their deathbed, like on a bed in the hospital. Not suicide. That person is talking to their loved one, sharing their last thoughts. The main theme is that this person doesnt want to fight anymore, when it gets "cold" (meaning, too hard or too painful) they would rather die.

"If I holler let me go" meaning, if you see me in too much pain, let me die (perhaps referring to not keeping my alive on life support).

"If I falter let me know" maybe meaning if i lose my nerve to end my life, help me be strong.

To me its this old guy thats dying in the hospital and his wife is standing next to his bed and hes talking to her. "what was that my sweet sweet nothing? i can't hear you through the fog" meaning hes so far gone to his illness that hes almost on his way out of this life. hes in between both worlds, and is looking back on his life and explaining to his wife that its ok, he doesnt want to go on now, hes ready to die.

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