Lyric discussion by untermenschfurimmer 

I think that "retrovertigo" refers to the dizziness one feels when looking back at the immense stretch of time before the present, the eternal void of all the "once weres". the strange disconcertion at staring at something that isn't real.

"see the vintage robot wearied, then awakened by revision theories, every famine [is] virtual"

The vintage robot is of course Everyman, it is you and it is I.

History is a lie, a mythology created to avoid having to actually experience the sensation of genuinely looking at "the past". It is only too human of a response to look at anything in "the past" and read into it our thoughts, fears, hopes or dreams of today and for tomorrow.

It is extremely stressfull and exhausting to challenge what one has held to be true for as long as one can remember, but it can eventually lead to an awakening.

Every famine virtual. . . Sell the rights to your blight, and you'll eat. . .

See the "Irish potato famine".

Personally, I think this song is about a lot more than media.

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