Lyric discussion by mish.imaqt 

I'll be honest, at first as i was listening and reading the music, i thought that one part where she's doing that reading type thing that it was a stripper. But after i saw some of your comments i can also see and like to think its about society telling you how to live, how to look, and what to do with your life and rihanna is saying who are we living for? ourselfs or what other people and the media tell us to live.

"Take off my shirt Loosen the buttons and undo my skirt Stare at myself in the mirror Pick me apart piece by piece Sorrow decrease Pressure release I put in work Did more than called upon More than deserved When it was over did I wind up hurt? (Yes)" that sounds alot like to me how the media is telling girls to look a certian way and thus we look at ourself and instead of telling ourself we are beautiful, we are tearing ourself down ["pick me apart piece by piece"].

"Take off my cool Show them that under here I'm just like you Do the mistakes I made make me a fool? Or a human with flaws? Admit that I'm lost Round of applause Take the abuse Sometimes it feels like they want me to lose "It's entertainment," Is that an excuse? (No)" I think this part is trying to say were all human, we all make mistakes, just cause we do doesnt make us not "normal". And of course this section is for sure talking about how the media only shows famous peoples bad side and want to make them look bad for our entertianment.

"Dear diary It's Robyn Entertaining is something I do for a living It's not who I am I like to think that I'm pretty normal I laugh, I get mad, I hurt I think I suck sometimes When you're in the spotlight everything seems good Sometimes I feel like I have it worse because I have to always keep my guard up I don't know who to trust I don't know who wants to date me for who I am or who wants to be my friend for who I really am..." Thats the part i honestly thought was a stripper at first but yea i can see how it makes more sense for it to be a famous person (not just a singer).

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