Lyric discussion by Jyank90 

Actually, no it dosent. I read about The Voyage of Argo. None of the men were seduced away from it, well at least by the sirens. Odysseus wanted to hear what they sounded like, so his mean tied him to the mast, and no matter how much he begged, they wouldnt let him go. He never got down. Unless you can prove the story I read wrong with a link, I think you got something wrong. I would like to know what this is about though. Maybe it was about it, but it sounds like someone was captured. There were many men who were captured by the sirens.

sorry man, no link, but you're thinking of the Odyssey (Oddyssey?). siren's may exist in more than one of the greek myths. i wish i knew for sure but i havent studied far into greek mythology

I usually don't reply to comments posted, but when I had to read/study about Greek mythology we spent a little time on this one particular story. I agree with Jyank90. That's the story I remember learning.

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