Lyric discussion by jessden 

uajcgable your sorry. i agree with you about telling people how you feel.

I think this song just shows that not all feelings and emotions can be put into words. It's often so hard to explain how you feel, especially if you aren't sure that the other person will be able to understand, as feelings are so personal. When you feel very strongly, it is natural to feel confused and at a loss as to how to express yourself, and what best to do to ensure that you play things right and don't lose out. Here he is just so in love with th girl that he can't express how deeply he feels, all he can do is stare into her eyes to keep her close and try and minimise the risk of losing her. He is so frustrated at his inability to put his feelings into words that he wants to scream out or even die because love results in both pain and joy.

Perhaps he is saying that sometimes the intensity of love simply transcends language.

For me, not only does love "sometimes simply transcend language" but gender as well.

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