Lyric discussion by uajcgable 

These lyrics have so many memories for me. I only created a membership here so i could share my story. Years ago, right as I was starting college, I met someone who changed my life forever. I ended up attending college in the same city that I grew up in, so naturally I knew a lot of people when i went to orientation at the beginning of the summer. There were two girls that I really didn't care for very much, but there was this boy with them that absolutely took my breath away. He was from Chicago, didn't have any friends here yet, and was kind of "stuck" with them.

The moment I saw him it was completely electric. I am a very pragmatic individual, and don't really believe in Love at First Sight, but I can honestly say I fell for him the moment I saw him. That night I showed him around town, drove him to my favorite restaurant, and oriented him to his new home. We spent a huge amount of time together from that point on, calling and seeing each other every day. It wasn't long before we started admitting we were both in love. I can honestly say that never in my life had I been so blissful. Our romance lasted for several months, but slowly things began to change. He just became emptier and emptier.

Just before the Summer ended, he broke up with me abruptly, and as we went through college things became bitter and stale. We weren't on very good terms, and acted as such. The crazy thing was, the reason why I argued with him so often was because I never quite fell out of love with him. I dated other men, experienced many other types of relationships, but none were exactly the same. From a distance I could see him slowly wither away, making poor choices left and right, becoming skinnier and skinnier, and growing more and more depressed. I wanted to reach out, but I didn't-out of pride. Shortly thereafter, he committed suicide. His death has marked my life more than anything else ever has.

Why am I posting all of this here? Because Please Forgive Me was our song. Anytime we wrote anything to each other (an email, facebook, etc.) we always ended it with "Please Forgive Me If I Act A Little Strange, For I Know Not What I Do. Feels Like Lightning Running Through My Veins, Every Time I Look At You." I honestly cannot listen to this song without bursting into tears (years later). What makes this song even more powerful for me is that the last three words of his suicide note were, "Please Forgive Me." I don't know if it was for me or if it was coincidence, but I honestly don't care. I could drive myself crazy over it, but I choose not to.

regardless, this song has changed my life, and I hope you take my sharing something this personal as a lesson to rise above immaturity and pettiness, and just be honest about your feelings to those you care about. At the risk of being cliche, "resentment is fleeting, but true love lasts a lifetime" I don't know if he ever knew how much he meant to me; To this day that is still my deepest regret. If you are in that position, take my lesson and tell that person that despite of it all, you still care about them.

I definitely feel like he wrote the end of his suicide letter for you... I just have this feeling. Thank you for sharing. It really touched my heart... and assured my recent actions. After getting out of a 3 yr. relationship and started to date here and there I never hide or hold back about telling the person how I feel about them. Whether it's good or bad. I feel like expressing love is such a forbidden action that must be reserved for just ourselves, but what's the point in that? Love is suppose to be shared and spread to...

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