Lyric discussion by FinPrint 

Okay... so if you go on with the meaning of shooting heroin (or something else) up your sleeve and think this as a story it describes the tale of a person who's done drugs enough and wants to commit a suicide with them.

I'm not the one who's So far away When I feel the snakebite Enter my veins

Never did I want to Be here again And I don't remember Why I came

Candles raise my desire Why I'm so far away No more meaning to my life No more reason to stay

but the twist in the plot is that when hes "far away" he's saved by the doctors and brought back again. The whole firts part of the gives me the feeling that the person doesn't have the strenght to on with the addiction and wants to end it. Then he comes back again and that's somewhat voodoo that the addiction has such a strong hold on you that it wont even let you die when you want to.

But this is just a quick interpolation when I listened the lyrics and fact is, it could mean almost anything to everyone or it could just be a sweet song which was made after watching a movie that inspired Sully.

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