Lyric discussion by mlb3333 

he is trying to tell a girl how much she means to him, he wants to express himself to her but he can't. whenever he is around her he becomes awkward and his words won't come out of his mouth. Her eyelids close when he's around, he feels like she doesn't see him the way he wants her to see him. he would bring himself to pain (by walking in the streets til his heels bleed) if he could finally express his true feelings. digging a tunnel to the center of the universe...she is the center of his universe. he wants to forget about his unrequited feelings for her so that he can sleep. BUT at the same time he doesn't want her to shut him out. he wants to just tell her how he feels, so he ends the song with "don't count me out." he is going to get the courage to tell her how he feels. I do NOT think this song is at all about a break-up.

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