Lyric discussion by kaleyouridols 

i think that "natural disasters" could be a reference to the multiple occurrences of televangelists claiming that natural disasters (hurricanes, tornadoes, etc.) are the result of god punishing sexual deviants. an example of what i am talking about is jerry falwell stating that hurricane katrina was god punishing the actions of gays and lesbians (as it occurred in a sector of the united states with a high gay, lesbian, etc. population). so therefore, "everyone's hands cause natural disasters," as i interpret it, is saying that everyone, including the most self righteous and holiest of christians, engage in sexual behavior or have sexual fantasies that could be regarded as immoral, disgusting, or ill-mannered.

"don't condemn your life to be riddled with shame" could be a statement towards those who are outspoken against "sexual deviancy" but do questionable acts behind closed doors. "don't condemn you life" meaning don't speak out against those acts that you commit yourself and " be riddled with shame" meaning just that, to be riddled with shame once you're caught.

the "is this our 'decaying society'" part is most likely a statement against said people who claim that these sexual acts are the reason why our society is on a moral decline. this question asks, "are these acts, the ones that you do behind close doors but are to afraid to admit to them, the reason that our society is on a moral decline?"

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