Lyric discussion by Kaflerkta 

I agree with the last intrepretation except for the part about the lower wolves. I also think it's about staying in the closet about your sexuality. "..let us out.."

The "house to put wolves out the door" is the "House in (an) order" not "House in Order". Listen carefully to the lyrics you will hear it. It's "house in an order."

Inside this house is a posse ready to ride to kill the lower wolves (gays). The lower wolves like to hang out in the corner garden. The wolves aren't what it is feared. They are what is hunted by the order. They aren't wolves they are lower then wolves implying the order thinks that gays are lower forms of life then humans. Pretty friggin' cryptic if this is true.

Totally agree with this interpretation. Closeted gay guys are said to be operating on the "down low" when trying to pick up other men. Also in a later REM song "Low" (a song which is clearly about romantic lust/sex in the absence of love) Stipe repeats the word "low, low, low" in conjunction with the line "howling at the moon". What animal howls at the moon but a wolf?

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