Lyric discussion by EnjoyTheMelon 

I don't think every single Blind Melon song is about drugs.

My thought on the meaning, or what I take from it anyway:

The song is about a child, or a young boy, who loses a loved one, probably his grandpa.

"The clothesline of cold eyes is washing away the face before" to me says that the people, family or friends or whatever, that were hung out to dry or not really important to this person who died are hanging around during this period of mourning and beginning to tarnish the memory of this person. The following line is pretty self-explanatory.

The next few lines, and most of the rest of the song, seems to be about possessions. The "bowl of bitter beans" refers to worthless people fighting over worthless items. He mentions the rocking chair and says he doesn't want to see it any more because the man is dead. He says he has a "corner store" that he can "praise upon the holidays," meaning he has been given personal items from this person after his death, but the line seems sarcastic because although he may be thankful for the memories the items will provide, they are no substitute for the person lost.

The last lines are him closing his eyes and wishing all these other people would disappear. The lines about pulling the "trigger" are just fantasy as he slips off into his fantasy world, which is the only place he can go to see the person who is now gone.

Anyway, maybe it's totally wrong but just my take.

@EnjoyTheMelon wrong the song is written about Kurt Cobain he says in one of his interviews. I do believe he said it on David Letterman as well.

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