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I love song analysis. And I love that this site exists so that those of us who wish to analyze together. It's great to see and discover how people can have such different views and get different messages through songs. The power of music is amazing. My analysis is related to the book "1984", if any of you have ever read it, which I am sure you have, you will most likely understand with me. The whole book is about how the government is controlling every aspect of society within a city unit. The people outside the unit, (the Proles) are ignorant and care only about winning the lottery. In the end, Winston is theoretically, or literally, put to death. That viewpoint is solely that of the readers. I think that this song is directly related to the story line of 1984, and it swaps view points between the government and Winston himself.

The government: "Welcome to your life / There's no turning back"

The government has taken Winston and put him into his life. They have chosen what he does for a living, they have chosen where he lives. He has no option to go back or change anything.

"Even while we sleep / we will find you acting on your best behaviour"

This could refer to the fact that sleep talking is taken seriously in this city unit. The telescreens that watch and listen to everyone and everything all of the time can hear you talk in your sleep, and if you say anything negative about the government, you will be punished.

"Turn your back on Mother Nature"

This line refers to the fact that it is an industrial city. Natural occurences never happen. Everything is artificial.

"Everybody wants to rule the World"

They say that every country in the world is fighting for superiority. They are in a war for power.

Winston: "It's my own design / It's my own remorse"

Winston works for the government as an 'editor' of history. He changes things in newspapers and archives so that history mathes the current date. Therefore, he designs history, but he is depressed at what he must do.

"Help me to decide / Help me make the most / Of freedom and of pleasure / Nothing ever lasts forever"

Winston is asking someone to help him, he has nowhere to turn and doesn't know what to do. On his own, he makes the most of his freedom by drinking alcohol. Not much else is allowed, and he wants someone to help him to achieve more freedom and pleasure. He believes that the reign of the government will not last forever, so he will one day be free to do as he wishes.

"There's a room where the light won't find you / Holding hands while the walls come tumbling down / When they do I'll be right behind you."

Winston and Julia are able to have the room above a small shop where they can plan what to do to fight the government. It is a dim room where light doesn't easily reach. Here they can express their love for one another, (holding hands) but ultimately this room is invaded by the Thought Police and their world comes crashing down on them. The safety and security of the room is violated, (walls come tumbling down). But Winston will not let Julia go alone, he will stay with her.

"So glad we've almost made it / So sad they had to fade it"

Winston and Julia were very happy that they had made such progress and that they'd almost prevailed, but they were sad when the operation got discontinued by the thought police.

"I can't stand this indecision / Married with a lack of vision"

This portrays the part in the story when Winston is being tortured as a result of his views on the government. He can't stand that he doesn't know what to believe, but he is tortured into believing things without knowing exactly why.

"Say that you'll never never never never need it / One headline why believe it?"

This speaks about Winston being told that he never needs to question the government, that he never needs freedom, and if he hears anything negative it is put into one class of information; negativity. He is basically told "Why believe what is negative?"

"All for freedom and for pleasure"

This is about the final lines in the book. Now Winston does everything and he is happy doing it. He feels that he is free and he enjoys what he does.

"Nothing ever lasts forever"

In the end of the book, the theoretical/literal bullet had entered Winstons' brain. His once negative thoughts of the Party were killed and he will never think that way again. His fight did end, and his cause was lost, but he doesn't realize it.

"Everybody wants to rule the World"

A victory of a battle in Africa is announced, showing that the Party is one step closer to ruling the World.

I hope that this analysis makes sense. One of my problems with writing is that I get these great ideas and when I try to write them down, I focus on each bit at a time. The other pieces lose significance, which explains the lack of thorough reasoning as this analysis goes on. Perhaps if you listen to the song with this as a guideline, you will understand!

@ZachKing88 Worth noting: the song was released in March of 1985 - which means it must have written, a least a few months earlier.

@ZachKing88 excellent!!! thank you for this analysis. i was wondering and wondering about the lyrics of this song you know... now i like it most than before. you did a great job man thanls again

@ZachKing88 Walterbyrd, the novel 1984 by George Orwell was originally published in 1949. It is dystopian fiction set in the year 1984 (about 35 years after it was published).

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