Lyric discussion by aLongDecember 

I think it is very moving that the singer and the songwriter have such a close relationship. I hope, they will be able to solve the current problems they have with each other.

As I only have the two albums of Keane (I don't own any singles) I have never listened to the song yet but still I think the lyrics are very touching.

It's only that I don't understand the last three lines: "But still somehow, I have to say 'I'm on my way' Gone"

What does he mean by that? Can anybody help?

@aLongDecember he’s on his way (to recovery and being the guy he was prior to the disease of addiction trying to ruin him.) he is grateful that his peeps are still standing by, making amends to them. And now they are Done with the apologies and talking Past stuff, the addict has left the building, Toms back!, the other guy... He’s GONE

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