Lyric discussion by pennystrike 

in contrary with other jimi songs you can take this song quite literally its about himself (not metaphors): he was a very busy artist but that was his personality, he liked travelling.

This song is about (like many of him) his - limited- love for women. Jimi likes travelling over the country and also "travelling" over women.

"I'm not the only soul who's accused of hit and run" just a one nite stand but hes saying dont blame me, youre know im a travelling man, youre up to one nite stands yourself!

"Tire tracks all across your back" (men who had a ride on her)

i read a book about jimis songs

mostly his songs are explained by 1)Travelling (never settling) 2) limited but great love and respect for women 3) searching to make a deeper love with his guitar he named it "electric lady" ==> Electric ladyland is his dreamworld

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