Lyric discussion by grimjack 

This song is about the record business. How it was their big dream to make it, and how reality just kinda sucked it all out of them like a drag on a cigarette. They were discovered and given a record deal, and for all their hard work, and the fact that the dream really did come true, the company and the fans have gotten their rocks off, and have moved on to the next artist, the next new sound. Like a new bride who has been deflowered, the wedding's over and this is the rest of your life. So they're talking about the casual music fan, and the fickle company man who only cares about the dollar. '45 minutes a side' i think refers to old fashioned wax or vinyl LPs. He's kind of waking up from the dream, wondering what the heck happened. Who sucked out the feeling?

@grimjack I was going to say some of that and will just add to your LP concept.

A LP without spacing between tracks can be 45 minutes long each side. So it seems to be referring to the idea of playing non-stop for all he has and then being left with nothing when he is used up.

He had a dream to make music that the people would hear and now his five minutes of fame has passed. Fans already used him up. The groupies had their fantasies. The company got their money.

@grimjack @elraver I wonder if 45 minutes a side refers to a 90 minute cassette tape and not a record. LPs are generally around 20 minutes a side. Even less for best quality. As you go longer it will need to be cut quieter and quieter with less and less low frequencies. 45 minutes a side is really pushing it! It would have to be extremely quiet and thin sounding. Anything I have with that amount of music is a "double record"

@grimjack I believe the “45 minutes a side” is actually a reference to the ‘45 minutes’ you have on stage as an opening band. And even tho having a record contract, it’s still only a ‘side gig’ for them as they still had to have full time jobs. Hence the sarcastic “this was my Dream; played out rocking routine“ giving breath to the line “who sucked out the feeling?”.

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