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"Georgia on My Mind" is a song written in 1930 by Stuart Gorrell (lyrics) and Hoagy Carmichael (music). It is the official state song of the U.S. state of Georgia. Gorrell wrote the lyrics for Hoagy's sister, Georgia Carmichael [1]. However, the lyrics of the song are written ambiguously enough as to refer to the state or to a woman named "Georgia." Carmichael's 1965 autobiography, Sometimes I Wonder, records the origin: a friend suggested: "Why don't you write a song called 'Georgia?' Nobody lost much writing about the South."

The song is best known as sung by Ray Charles, who first recorded the song in 1960. It became Georgia's state song in 1979. SOURCE:WIKIPEDIA I heard on a radio that the driver of Ray Charles used to whistle this song... which gave the idea to Ray Charles to sing it... Don't know if it's true...

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