Lyric discussion by xo.dollface. 

this song is definitely a good one. it's about the girl who doesn't think she's pretty and the guy she's with [or was with, whatever one] makes her feel like she's not pretty at all. and the part where she sings "Never insecure until I met you", well that makes a whole lot of sense. she's saying that before this guy, she didn't care what she looked like, and that she always did think she had the perfect body figure, and that she was so pretty and all of that, but now being with him, she realizes that she's not any of the above. but she feels like she has to be perfect to be with this guy, and of course she thinks she's not perfect.

very beautiful and meaningful song. i'd have to say at least 48% of the teeenage girls in america feel this way sometimes.

Just 48%? Women/girls are held to a different standard than men/boys. It means more if a man is educated and successful. It means little if a woman is; however, she had better be gorgeous (or at least thin) if she expects to have it easy. It's not only Hollywood and the print media perpetuating the double standard; it's men who need someone physically beautiful to make them feel like men. They are as much a part of the problem as the media; however, the bottom line resides with the female herself. It's her choice to feel good (or bad) about...

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