Lyric discussion by SteamMachine 

I think it might be about sex.

"Carefully watching waiting as I Stood upon the back streets and we start to play I was screaming louder as the Curtains fall between us in a twisted way" -Obviously reflecting on a past experience with his girl

"Staring in the night A picture in my room And I think that she knew her lines" -Looking at a picture of her, under the impression that she knew what to do and what to say when they were going to do it

"You could never run You could never stay And I think you belong to me" -They must be together then in a relationship of some sort.

"Placing all the questions in the Minutes of a game we won so long ago" -Marraige?

"Break away tonight I wanna hold your hand We've got to get it right We've got to understand" -He must want to have sex with her badly, and "understand" what its like to do it right.

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