Lyric discussion by Jaberwocky 

This is more than just a gay guy trying to be straight. His girlfriend did humiliate him in every way possible. He experimented in youth with another boy with blue eyes who he knows he loves, and yet he still is wondering if he's gay or not, and if he should forgive the girl who hurt him as badly as she could. Even more so he has to wonder if even if he forgave her and they got back together, could he even be her boyfriend when he's still in love with the blue eyed boy he experimented with.

@Jaberwocky have just written the story of my school years and subsequent time at university...spooky and emotional at the same time. When I first heard this song it was weirdly appropriate and actually given to me by the girl I had been dating as a sort of apology, many of the other songs on the album have a similar message like 'one in a million men' takes me back and brings a tear to my eye...thank you for this.

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