Lyric discussion by thenewspirit 

Brilliant song! Here's a thought about the meaning. I wonder if this song is about finding a new love. There's a purity in the feeling of happiness when you initially fall in love, that 'honeymoon period', when you're like children - 'making pies', 'lemonade', 'tiptoe through the city', 'bluebirds', not worrying about what others think about your public displays ('do our gay ballet on ice').

You know the real world is out there and approaching (when honeymoon period is over, also your 'real' regular lives which are not as much fun as what you're experiencing when together). You're on such a natural high, you try to postpone the inevitability, try to ignore it ('no thinking for a little while') . 'Half-awake in a fake empire' could mean that you want to and try to have some control your life (your 'empire') but you know it's only partly true. You're trying to lie to yourself that you can stay in this happiness though you know you can't (you're 'half awake'). Seems to fit in a lot of ways, also in the emotional tension which does seem to leave a sense of optimism from the piano, drums, guitar and finally trumpet in the ending that the inevitable is okay, just enjoy the ride while it lasts. What do you think?

I agree with this for the most part. I especially agree with the interpretation of "Turn the light out/go to sleep/No thinking for a little while/Let's not try to figure out everything at once."

I recently went through something that totally brought this song to life - especially this particular lyric. You consciously make an effort not to rush or label things because presently, things are great and the honeymoon period has just begun.

I think you could interpret these lyrics in that way if you want. For me though this song is more about the sorry state of affairs in the modern Western world. All the ideals of a perfect life are listed - apple pie, home-made lemonade, bluebirds on the shoulder, diamond slippers - all of these things make reference to fairly popular culture, capitalism if you like, and I think that this song is pointing out that the majority of us just take these things for granted. We just carry on living our lives oblivious to the many problems around us - hence...

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