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Good Friends And A Bottle Of Pills Lyrics

Lyric discussion by oldskoolpunker23 

honestly dont like down at all, id rather listen to vinnie and dime play but i couldn't listen to a pantera record without phil on vocals it just wouldn't be pantera it would suck... now as for the animosity towards either, fuck it that shits so stupid... i know for a fact if that crazy shit head wouldn't of shot dime, they would of became friends again and released a new pantera CD.

You have to give Down time; they grow on you. Now one of my favourite bands and the best concert I've ever been to. Granted I never saw Pantera live...

I heard that they were all very drunk in the studio and pretty much improvised this song. I don't know if that's true or not, but judging by it's nature I wouldn't be at all surprised. And if that's so, I guess it doesn't have much meaning at all.

Dude totally!!! I know they would've at least put their differences aside for OUR sake. I know I don't know the entire story of their animosity, but I'm really disappointed at Vinnie for holding onto this grudge. I sure hope he doesn't blame Phil for Dime's death. No one but Nathan Gale is to blame for that.

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