Lyric discussion by Taobeth 

(continued) A.R. - Everybody rally 'round the novel burner, spit, murder the matches where the junkies trade diseases and the gullible trade passions. Now the masses wanna lean on me like 'oh captain my captain, not considering maybe this orphan hosts morbid attachments.

D.O. - "Button button, who's got the button?" Take my name... please... leaks the little gentle man made of lightning inside my lockbox... Oh you like to help with coats... Wait until you see what I got in this here locket


awesome man. i dont know why the lyrics were even posted as they were, there was missing words on every other bar.. peace man!

man.. most aesop songs i understand but i have read these lyrics and listened to this song so many times but i really cant find any overall meaning. theres some lines that suggest aesops appreciation for people that quietly stray from the norm but i dunno its soooo complex

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