Lyric discussion by scottyp 

I don't think it's about suicide.

I think it's about the fear of suicide. When he says "... the thought of being ousted comes and goes. When I think about it, the wind blows. I hate it," he's saying that when he thinks about it, something seems to shift in the room so-to-speak, and he hates that the feeling even came into his mind.

The second verse is, to me, about wanting to get away from whatever is making him think about it. Because even though he flashes that smile, it's delicate and easy to break. And he doesn't like this running. The "chills and petty band-aids wrapped around," line is talking about his cover-up and these stupid things he does to get away from the problem, just covering the feelings up, instead of addressing them and eliminating them. He hates that he just covers up his emotions.

@scottyp It is actually about Kurt Cobain's suicide

@scottyp @gregory193 I believe that Dave Grohl wrote all the lyrics during touring with Nirvana's Nevermind album (so at that time Kurt was very much alive ... but I guess some people like to think every second song by Foo Fighters is about Kurt). And who knows perhaps it is really about Kurt ... not like artists are known for telling the truth (or same story) about a song's meaning all the time :)

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