Lyric discussion by boxofrain 

i just wish i knew who you were i wish you'd make yourself known probably you don't know i'm her the woman you want to call home i'll keep my ear to the wall i'll keep my eye on the door 'cause i've heard all my own jokes and they're just not funny anymore i laugh too much anyway i can do that anyday

*Basically, it could very well be talking about how the person isn't giving her the chance, or the day to show herself.. that she has what it takes. Or that she will do "anything" to reside with that person, but they just will never know because it seems to me.. they may just not give two shits. And then it could mean that they are in the relationship annnd the man isn't paying enough attention to her and has become distant .. And she is becoming what shes not to have the saticfaction of that person and only that person to pay attention. As well as, her giving up all the things she does.. FOR that person

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