Lyric discussion by coreysucks 

This song really sends me in alot of directions, i see some word issues being raised as well as issues with fads and media.

Before you advertise All the fame is implied
With no fortune unseen (The success of trends such as music and fasion are pre-empted by the mass media) Sell the rights To your blight Time-machine (By giving into these trends you put your social status on the line, because if you decide to stop, you will be regarded as an outcast and forced into the blight)

While I'm dulled by excess And a cynic at best (despite having much avaliable it all appears transparent to the writer and really does nothing for him) My art imitates crime Paid for by The allies (this could be a hit at the large ammount of planned plagarism that goes on in fashion and entertainment) So invest Now I'm finding truth is a ruin Nauseous end that nobody is pursuing (By following trends, noone is being "truthfull" to themselves or others, rather they are just creating false images of themselves leaving their true self in "ruin") Staring into glassy eyes Mesmerized There's a vintage thirst returning But I'm sheltered by my channel-surfing (everythings repeating itself, trend wise and the writer has grown bored?) Every famine virtual (North America hasn't actually SEEN famine but rather just watched it on TV) Retrovertigo A tribute to false memories With conviction Cheap imitation Is it fashion or disease? Post-ironic Remains a mouth to feed Sell the rights To your blight And you'll eat (I think thi smight hint at not only trends of the media, fashion etc but consumption itself, basically if you dont follow the social trend of getting a job then you won't be able to eat) See the vintage robot wearied Then awakened by revision theories (Trends are usually just revamped versions of old trends?) Every famine virtual Retrovertigo

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