Lyric discussion by Ventifact 

"the giver became the gift, all one" = Jesus

Jesus gave himself as the gift of salvation to humanity. "One" is a recurring name throughout the album to refer to Jesus. But of course the great thing about Live is it isn't that simple. We are never meant to see Jesus as the only personification of that kind of powerful spiritual love/giving. After all, the only thing the speaker seems to know for sure is that "someone" moved him, and what does it matter what we call this someone? After all, it would be a waste of time to dwell on such useless religious conventions as waiting for seas to part of messiahs to come. (See for example also most of the rest of this album, or "She" from Birds of Prey.) It makes perfect sense to translate this song's sentiment into marriage or a hundred other occasions of spiritual giving of love, which is really the whole point of the song (and the album) -- the miracle of love can be an everyday thing if you open yourself to it.

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