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"Wolves, Lower" was the 1st song I ever heard from REM in 1982 when that EP, Chronic Town, put out by IRS Records during the booming Athens, GA indie scene. This song still holds up to this day, even against the material in the '90s when then started selling out big arena shows and true die-hard REM fans started to lose interest. Bottom line: their egos & wallets began to mean more to Michael Stipe & co. than their music. And we LOVED those days when they all were stoners who jammed a lot & played the local college drinking holes for free beer, LOL! The music lyrically was pretty insipid (another good thing about the Net: LYRICS!) but they had an original sound that set the standard for the '80s American indie scene popular w/college radio, where, IMHO, the "good" music got airplay--even exposure to non-conforming teenagers like me. Sweet! When Michael stopped mumbling on REM songs & one could understand him clearly (Green was that magic-yuck! album for me!) this band went downhill fast.

@pharmageek Very astute and literal points. It was a shame when arenas beckoned (rightly so). A bigger shame when their muse scurried away, too. Albeit AUTOMATIC FOR THE PEOPLE is ineffable (sorry, but GREEN is amazing also)

@pharmageek That makes as much sense as to say that when I started to be able to actually taste real ground beef in a McDonald's hamburger (as opposed to a soy-based substitute), then I couldn't stand the taste of it after that, and stopped eating them.

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