Lyric discussion by sillybunny 

The line from this song “my mistress’s eyes are nothing like the sun” is from a Shakespeare sonnet and appeared again as this album’s title: “Nothing Like the Sun”. Sting dedicated the album to his mother who died in 1987 but since the album was also released in 1987, chances are he didn’t have time to actually write too many songs for her.

I’ll guess he was thinking of Trudie and saw in her some similarities to his mother, who he loved and admired. That “she doesn’t care what he does” suggests—realizing of course that positively everything!! can be over-analyzed—he found Trudie able to hold him more loosely than his previous wife had and this is not a criticism of either woman. It could have been for a number of reasons and despite his delight in this, not caring at all what a lover does has been known to create havoc in a number of lives and they had their difficult times with this according to interviews.

The important part is he felt happy with her while his life was spinning slightly out of control. “I’d go out of my mind, but for you.” The line “My hunger for her explains everything I’ve done” can mean his acknowledgement that passion for her had him leaving his wife and children behind and although not judging them in the least, he seems to want to liken them to a vampire couple—doing what passion propelled them into even if it didn’t look quite so pristine and innocent to onlookers.

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