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Marker in the Sand Lyrics

Lyric discussion by richie8092 

"PJ played this live at the Dodge Music Center in Connecticut, and it was great. It was the best show I've ever been to. I saw the Foo Fighters and Audioslave before. They sang all the fast-paced songs off the new album along with Inside Job. The show-stopper was Corduroy, the guitar solo was amazing. They didn't play many ballads, unless you count Better Man and Black. Very intense show. They played I'm Open, Sleight of Hand, and Do the Evolution in the first encore. That's when I left, not knowing that PJ was going to come out again. I missed some great songs, like Go, Alive(much to my dismay) and Yellow Ledbetter."

that sucks, you should have known that they wouldnt close a show with do the evolution though, idk if they have ever done tht

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