Lyric discussion by Cpt_Blood_Sausage 

Since the band has confirmed that this album is a story and this third of that story is told by the prsion priest we know that is fact. the interpretation part is what the priest is thinking just before Kezia (the condemmed woman) is executed.

He is thinking about the execution to come, the place where she will die (the backyard which is the their makeshift valley of death) and he is thinking about the night before, he watched her eat her final meal and he watched her crying. Then he is thinking that whatever she did (its never explicitly explained) may be decriminalized in the future (im thinking she did something like protest against a dictator, which could be where the band name comes from). if that is decriminalized in the future then her execution would have been for nothing. if she could be watching from heaven she'd be seriously pissed to have her life cut short for no reason.

also the bite my neck and peel away aging skin is either a reference to the guilt the priest is feeling or a new feeling of love for Kezia

but thats just my interpretation

I think you got most of it and here are my filling thoughts, She lost her virginity before marriage. I came to this conclusion from the other songs on the album. Also the priest is afraid because he's realizing her beauty in a sexual manner and is starting to realize that the void in humans or the divinity within that can not be explained by words is expressed, in part, by sexuality. That this human body is only a tool to express the explicable and taciturn thing we call being human. "That today you'll bite my neck and peel away the...

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