Lyric discussion by Lucky7 

acci dent don't say stuff like that he's welcome to his opinion and who could possibly know what the intention behind this song was anyway, he's probably right.

What does it say to me? Could it be the proverbial 'Closet'? Where secrets are kept, where sins are kept under lock and key never to be revealed.

'Broken Bricks' are a clear indication of this, bricks are made to build things with, here, a life, 'the building blocks of life' is a common phrase. Broken bricks symbolise weaknesses in the structure, parts not to be seen IMHO.

There seems also to be a political message here, 'jump over water but you land in oil'... if the place is full of oil, it seems that the Stripes seem to think oil is a controvertial topic and it almost undoubtedly is.

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