Lyric discussion by Andersf 

If the song is about Cantrell's father in Vietnam, then the line: "They spit on me in my home land" doesn't make sense. It wasn't in his home land.

@Andersf Really late comment.. But, back in the 60's & 70's the anti war movement caused people to disrespect our Vietnam Vets horribly. Jerry is talking about how Vets were treating upon their return from tours of duty, literally spat upon in their homeland after serving their country.

@Andersf As in Fogarty\'s CCR song from 1969, it was mainly the unfortunate sons that were drafted or choose to fight in Vietnam, and even more unfortunate it was the fortunate sons who spate on the soldiers as they returned.

@Andersf they weren't really treating the guys good when they came home. A lot of them had mental problems and it took a while for places to treat them to open. The hippie era was big so they were totally against any one killing anyone... Seeing human life as equal, something i agree with but u have to support people who keep us free because the truth is that people dont often attack US soil and their is a reason for that, so while i do hate anyone of any culture dying, some messages needed to be in place to...

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