Lyric discussion by Gabigs 

Yeah, this is a quite old song now and sometimes I probably wouldn't pay attention to now, but back then in 2000 this tune and this video really touched my innocent and unexperienced heart...I can clearly remember watching this video late at night after my first love had been visiting me and weeping cause I already knew it was too frail, but I was also aware of my feelings. "Here I am so alone and there's nothing in this world I can do..." it was up to him, and he had already made the choice of not sticking with me, no matter what I did... "And I wonder, are you thinking of me, cause I'm thinking of you...and I wonder: are you ever coming back in my life?"...Whenever he left, I didn't know if he was coming back or not so it was only myself wondering what was going to happen next. And then we were on and off several times over five and a half years and even today I wonder and long for an opportunity, since we were never officially whenever we are apart, I wonder if he even thinks of me or recalls our moments together...

What a bittersweet song for me, from the happiest time of my life, before things got actually too sad and lonely (he was also my best friend). Brings back a lot of memories, feelings and senses to me.

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