Lyric discussion by Pholostan 

Helplessness and utter darkness. That was my feelings when I heard this song the first time. I was battling serious depression at the time, and music was a great help.

While I do think Czar5000 do have a very valid point, this song will always mean darkness, uncerntanity and doubt of my self. It is not a bad thing though, as it do give me great strength whenever I listen to it. It helps me see beoynd despair.

"Tell me what to do so I do nothing wrong Something I can hope for, something real that I can see So nothing falls apart, so this does not end. I cannot return, I can't start again"

That part touched me deep, and I will never forget that part.

And you are right Zombie Pin-Up, it is "guide" not "die" on line four.

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