Lyric discussion by DaniDax 

This song is actually one of Alien Sex Fiend's more coherent ones. I'd say that Nik wrote this song while on something (as opposed to what?). The first verse hints toward, I'd speculate, the music industry, and the lack of creativity in the music beign created at the time. Or perhaps it was just a basic stab at the mainstream culture and the washed up fashion and general pop culture entertainment at the time. The second and third verses focus more on drug addictions, and the various ones that the Fiends were on. "Switched my sulph to ajax" is a referral, obviously to Sulpher, and it's drug induction. "Asthma attack in a purple haze "makes referance to acid, which they were famous for (see: Acid Bath, Too Much Acid, ect.). For all those kids out there, Purple Haze was initially a type of Acid...that's right, Jimi Hendrix was not a stoner, he was an Acid-Tripper.

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