Lyric discussion by Sinual 

Repetition is a rhetorical figure and in this case it is a pretty strong energitic and is kinda alienating(goes great with Alien AF): There's US "Will you tell us that you're OK" There's YOU "Annie", there's HE "He came into her apartment He left the bloodstains on the carpet" and there's THEY "So they came into the outway" (I have no clue who THEY are).

Now HE's a smooth criminal, what makes him smoother a criminal than other criminals? He's not stealthy: he's leaving blood on the carpet on his way in and she saw him "So she ran into the bedroom". There's nothing smooth about stabing someone to death.

I guess this is a rape. Otherwise we "US" would be talking to a dead you "ANNIE". She gets struck in the bedroom(why otherwise mention the room). Than there's "Sounding heartbeats Intimidation". Correct me but in a crescendo you play all the notes both artists AAF and MJ raise the tension as they perform and the song advance. She gets "struck down" sounds to me like she's immobilized. "Doomed" in the dictionary means death, destruction or some other terrible fate it also means unfortunate inescapable outcome.

Many of you said it was a nice song to pep-up... Ever listened to the words and noticed that there's almost pleasure in the singers voices saying: "You've been hit by you've been struck by a smooth criminal". Gives me chills. Many people that got raped while they were young becomes child molesters later. I really wonder who "Annie" is? Is she really a girl?

Interesting theory....

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