Lyric discussion by MatMarshall 

OK First of all... Clearly, the song is about "Annie" being "struck by a smooth criminal". That's easy enough. Perhaps it happened to a friend of Michael's. Now then... a crescendo is, as described earlier by Sebato, when a note goes from piano to forte. However, in the song, it didn't refer to an actual song, as Michael Jackson is a pedophile, not an idiot. It could have meant a few things. "As he came into the window". I don't know whether it meant he climbed in or broke it and came in, but if he broke it, then there's the crescendo as the glass is hit, cracks, and shatters. The crescendo could have been Annie screaming. It could have been gunshots. It could have been a grunt, it could have been many things, but I guaruntee you that it wasn't Annie listening to some simple plan and dying.

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