Lyric discussion by mickzzzzzz 

I think Ani wrote this song for Greg Brown (an amazing songwriter and friend of Ani's).

"we've both got gardens of songs".

Check out Greg's album: 'Slant Six Mind', since Greg wrote Ani a song back when he heard 'This Bouquet'. It is called 'Vivid'.

Here are the lyrics to Vivid:

You gave me flowers, all wet with dew, You gave me flowers, I'd like to give you something too.

Vivid flowers, raggedy yellow red and blue, Smell of rain and summer. Vivid, just like you.

You gave me music with the bouquet from your hand, You gave me a living song, something I could understand.

Let's go walking when the party is through, You gave me so much, I want to give you something too.

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