Lyric discussion by moik 

My gut impression is that this song is about a pedo priest. The confessional has a slim door, the chairs are ornate, with brass tacks, etc. The tone of the song seems to be a grown man talking sexually to a boy, lots of references to his penis, his erection,his need to do it again. Some of the old fashioned priest garments are tied around the waist. The priest is a repeat offender indicated by the "except me" etc. segment. the "I got beat by weather," line, however, doesn't fit in.

But you never know - maybe it is about cricket. I'm American so I know next to nothing about cricket - but I do think he is saying "wicket keeper" because in the video he makes a gesture as if swinging a cricket bat (stick? mallet?) when he sings that line. Cricket is played on cricket "grounds." you could be rained out, hence "beat by weather." A seriess of puns about penises and cricket.

"Harness your hopes to the folks with the liquor with the ropes, Red, red ropes, periscopes They've got everything will ever need stored under the chair"

Are cricket grounds bordered by ropes? Do people drink liquor from red roped "botas" at cricket mathches? (Remember "botas?" Those leather wine sacks with red rope straps that you could bring into concerts that didn't allow glass bottles. No?)

Well . . . who knows?

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