Lyric discussion by CryingFromMyWrist 

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yea i belive its about prositution, "Milkman got the blues They suck him off on dairy cock And who the hell are you" because the refernce to 'milkman' b/c hes a random person, as aposed to someone you really know, and then the 'who the hell are you' re-enforeces that, as in, like she doesnt know who they are but shes suckn' them off all the same... "It's what you bought and sold" self explainitory, but yea, shes saying sex is just soemhting thats bought and sold, as in reference to prostitution... nice song, bit more of a novelty song, but its nice to have a nolvelty song with a MEANING for once (like 'boy named sure' by johhny ca$h bu thats irrelivent) oh but i dont understand the refernce to a "cocolate chicken" is it like, usa slang or something that i dont udnerstand? if you know please expain? thanks.... shuts up

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