Lyric discussion by taken-by-the-music 

this is about everydaylife and peoples attitudes to one another. he is saying to save eachother, from the heartache of everyday depressions and things that bring people down, because the time you spend with your peers (especially in school) seems like you will be with them for a long time, but if you look at the big picture.....they will be gone soon. off to college and a new life on their own. and when this is happening or has happend, then the time you spent with thoe people, even the ones you disliked, seem like only minutes. save each other from the loneliness. save each other from the separation after schooling (or a job you both worked at etc.) and the separation you will make from small everyday arguements and problems with your peers, that grow way out of hand and can separate friends. because if you will miss them all when you all split up.

this makes me not want to graduate highschool.

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