Lyric discussion by beulahrawk 

Well, from a Christian perspective, when Sufjan sings "I am really just like him," it is harking back to the foundational belief that all men are sinful and none of them are worthy in God's eyes. So even though Sufjan probably hasn't ever murdered anyone or committed any act that heinous in human terms, the state of his soul (before coming to Christ) was no better than John Wayne Gacy's.

you dont know that he hasnt murdered anyone. dont be ignorant.

That is one of the many reasons why Christianity makes absolutely no sense. It is ridiculous to me that people actually believe that saying "god damn it" is just as bad as kidnapping, molesting, and murdering little innocent children. If that is really the way "God" thinks, then he is really a fucking asshole and I don't see why anyone would want to worship him.

I couldn't aggree with you more, dagsman.

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