Lyric discussion by Undeniably Nikki 

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My (ex)boyfriend broke up with me two weeks ago and this song ireflects my throughts and feelings so well. A year ago things were perfect and we had this great thing but over the past few months something had changed.

"Certain things turn ugly when you think too hard And nagging little thoughts change Into things you can't turn off Everything you think you know, baby Is wrong "

This reminds me of the times over the past couple of months where I kept thinking about breaking up but I didn't want to. I was afraid of what might be coming, but I didn't think it would really happen. I thought we could make things better but it didn't work like that. He didn't want to be committed anymore. He finally ended things and it ended pretty bitterly.

"If I could I would I'd change everything Cause I can't forget you Though you don't believe me Now I can't walk back I can't leave behind Where does it go all the light we had?"

These are exactly the thoughts that were going through my head. Maybe I could have changed things, I have all these memories and things that remind me of him so I can't forget what was--that "light"" we had. The happiness, love and joy we saw in eachother that dissipated into short tempers, annoyance and tears. Something changed between us that caused things to crumble.

"Fade to black, I'm sick of trying Took too much and now I'm done It's all over but the crying."

This represents the end [of the relationship] for me. The light rescinded to black loneliness and sadness.

I wish I had this album two weeks ago. This song would have been perfect for my week as the human sprinkler.

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