Lyric discussion by Lepra Messias 

Yet another weak translation. Here's a better one: " He is holy and very sensitive On his wall a picture of the Lord He wipes the stains off the Bible He endulges in dealing out the Communion wine / nightly meal

[Abendmahl is an ambiguous word in German; as the communion service goes back to Christ's last supper, we still use the same word for both meanings.]

He loves the choir boys They keep their souls clean But the tenor makes him full of care So he must be attending to him most On his bedside table still and mute A picture of the Lord He slowly turns it round

When the church bell strikes twice Hallelujah He folds his hands in prayer Hallelujah He has remained without a wife Hallelujah So he will have to love his neighbour Hallelujah

The young man may stay with him Sin dwells above the leg So he is pleased to help exorcizing it
With music and candlelight.

When the church bell strikes...

When the church bell strikes strikes twice Hallelujah He gives the boy a private sermon Hallelujah He is the true Christian Hallelujah And he knows what love thy neighbour means Hallelujah

Turn around slowly Turn around "

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