Lyric discussion by dionfly 

"Jesus, don't cry." Sounds to me like an exasperated plea from someone at the limit of their patience with a their depressive muse. In other words: Oh, for Christ's sake would you stop? You know I won't leave you. This because it's followed by: "You can rely on me honey" as if the reliability of the speaker has come into question and needs to be proven. "You can combine anything you want." Which is to say: It's easy to put together any two different ideas to support your point (kind of like song interpretations). "I'll be around", reassuring loved one that speaker is not going to abandon them. "You were right about the stars" you know, what you said that night while we gazed at the heavens? that I disagreed with? Well, it was quite profound and it stuck with me. I appreciate and remember the things you say. "each one is a setting sun" everything is relative based on point of view. "tall buildings shake" bad things happen in this world, great plans crumble; "voices escape singing sad, sad songs" producing the pained voices in our world "tuned to chords strung down your cheek/ bitter melodies turning your orbit around." even though I don't want you to cry, when you do you not only give me local inspiration for my music, by letting your feelings out, you change your own attitude. Jeff Tweedy seems to have an on-going relationship with this depressive muse: "Cheer-up, honey I hope you can." and seems to need her for his gifts as poet/ and bed-side cheerer-upper in order to reach their potential. I hope my flippancy is not mistaken as disrespect; I am a huge Tweedy fan. "Our love is all we have", simply true. "each one is a burning sun." expresses an appreciation for the luminous brilliance of every living thing.

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