Lyric discussion by zippygetshigh 

thats the funniest thing!!!(sofkuri story) i can imagine them getting really defensive that there inoccent image of elton john was broken :D Neway i really like this song and the fact he still keeps on making great songs. I saw eltonjohn on tv saying that this song meant ' its means basically i used to be the main express and were not anymore' i think thats kindof a given in the lyircs hee but i think it could be about anything really heartbreak, drugs, realising that you were something special and now your not. i personally think its someone reflecting on their life and how theyve grown up and the things in the past dont really mean anything coz he didnt know what he does now. I love the beginning verse, 'You may not believe it But I don't believe in miracles anymore And when I think about it I don't believe I ever did for sure

agree the verse "this train don't stop" probably means we can't stop the flow of time

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