Lyric discussion by d krez 

"untitled 4 IS Njósnavelin (the nothing song)" i think that's just the name sigur ros gave it when it was put on the vanilla sky soundtrack. they are all the nothing song. they are all untitled. all the words in all of the songs have no meaning, and i totally agree that the vocals are just used as more insturment. the whole theme of this album is to let the music be whatever you want it to be for you. thus, everything is untitled, the words mean nothing, and the lyrics mean nothing. the album leaf inside the album as actually drawing paper so that you can write or draw out whatever the songs mean to you on each page. i love this album. especialy this song. it is by far one of my most favorite albums. as for what the song means to me, for some reason, this song is pure inspiration. when i listen to the begining of this song, i feel like i can accept everything, the good and bad things in life, and the tone is very morbid and it kinda depresses me a bit that i have to accept things the way they are and i can never change everything. but as soon as that break down comes, it's so inspirational and i get tingles down my back every time it starts. i feel like i can just say fuck it, things are the way they are, and i am the way i am, and if people have a problem with it, to fucking bad. i feel so damn relaxed and at piece after the song is over. i love it. this whole album is great.

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