Lyric discussion by myddraall 

The first line of the song says "I am intrensically no good." I will do an almost word by word "anal"ysis of the line. First, he did not say "I am not intrinsically good" nor did he say "I am intrinsically bad." Each has a different connotation. For example. I am not intrinsically good, does not mean he is not good, it just means he is not inherently good. And I am intrinsically bad means that he is inherently "evil" i suppose... anyways. says Intrinsically means Inherent and No good is worthless. So he says "I am __" A positive personal relation and definition of part of himself. I am inherently worthless. That is a way to start off a song hehe. Moving on.

"I have a heart that's made of wood." I talked to a couple of people, and basically we all though Heart of gold...compared to wood..Gold is in my eyes, as far as the metaphor goes, is a pure, solid, strong individual. Generally good qualities. Wooden heart seems, artificial, able to rot, just not very admirable. The falsehood of the individual is explicitly said with "Reciting memorized lines." The next stanza can be looked at two different ways. Either the singer is the person, or he sings of the person, I go with he is the person, as he uses I.

"I have no love, only goals." creepy buisnessman? I think not. I think this is a very eloquent way to say "I will use people and things to get what I want." "How very empty is my soul" Is it a plea? A cry for help or a statement to let us know his condition. Furthermore, does the author know and accept the status of his soul? much like one Could say How very happy am i today. I believe he knows and regrets the condition he is in. "It is a soul that feels no thrill. a soul that could easily kill" I think that also speaks alot of the person. It is a soul that feels no thrill. I dont think it gets satisfaction. and one that can easily kill it shows again, that it has no love, and is willing to use or do things with no regret.

So, what kind of person is it unworthy of touching the hem of their garment? I put forth it is a person that is loving, warm, and happy. I think that this person understands that it is seperate and appart from such characteristics, and is unhappy with itself as such

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